Wellbeing & Gender Scan


From 16 weeks

All of our scans are performed by a qualified and experienced Sonographer.

During your scan, we will confirm your baby’s gender and provide you with a free 4D preview!

What’s included with your scan:

  •  Checking the wellbeing of your baby
  •  Seeing and hearing your baby’s heartbeat
  •  Finding out the gender of your baby with our gender reveal lighting (or we can keep it secret for you if you wish to find out at a later date!)
  •  4D preview*
  •  Wellbeing form
  •  Two prints
  •  Digital download of all images available (£10)
  •  Digital download of all images and video clips available (£15) *please note that this is dependant on baby’s position

There is no additional charge for twins. Please let us know in advance of the appointment if you have a multiple pregnancy by phone or email.

Please note that identifying the sex of your baby using ultrasound is never 100% accurate.


From 16 weeks

The primary objective of our Wellbeing & Gender scan is to check the wellbeing of your baby. All of our scans are performed by a qualified and experienced Sonographer.

This ultrasound scan is designed to provide you with gender confirmation a whole 4 weeks before your scan with the NHS.You must still attend your 20 week scan with the NHS.

You can prepare for your gender scan by ensuring that you are properly hydrated; we recommend that you drink plenty of water in the hour before your scan.

If you have pregnancy notes then please do bring them with you. We may not need them, but it is helpful if our qualified Sonographers need to refer to them at any stage during your scan. If you haven’t yet received them, then you can attend without them.

Additional images, digital downloads of your scan images and a variety of products are available at Hey Baby 4D Southampton to purchase on the day.

Finding us:

Hey Baby 4D Southampton are based in the Wellbeing Centre at the prestigious Ageas Bowl cricket ground! There is FREE parking on site and our premises are accessible for wheelchair users.

Other services & packages:

As well as Gender ScanHey Baby 4D Southampton offer a variety of ultrasound services to suit all stages of pregnancy, including our Early Reassurance Scan4D Baby Scan4D VIP Baby Scan, Bonding & Wellbeing Scan and NIPT Screening (tests for Down’sEdward’s & Patau’s Syndromes) from just 10 weeks gestation.